MetalFAB-420 Autoload

Keeps on going

The MetalFAB-420 Autoload has everything needed to run multiple jobs in sequence, without the need for manual actions. This allows for series production, even if you have
a 1-shift operation. The MetalFAB-420 Autoload can load its own build plate from the Storage module, start a job and store the job when it is finished. And 
even better, after that job has finished it can go ahead with the next job, all without the need for an operator to be physically present. 

Small series, all in one automated package

Combining the core processes of the MetalFAB system with a Robot, Exchange and Storage module create a stand-alone package that can run without anyone present. This gives you the opportunity to plan multiple jobs ahead, even over the weekend and at night.​ 

Configuration: CTM, AMC, EXP, STM, EXC and 1-4 lasers 

420 auto-3