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Additive Industries: Aiding the best Metal AM solutions

Founded in 2012, Additive Industries is the world's first industrial metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems developer. Our mission is to design and construct metal AM systems that can produce parts to outclass castings and machining for specific applications in terms of cost, quality, lead time, complexity, and functionality.

Additive Industries: Trusted by innovative leaders

Because we value productivity, reliable quality and safe operation

Our goal

Additive Industries' long-term vision is to increase productivity in order to compete with traditional manufacturing techniques. We are fully capable of expanding the market for metal AM by improving on competing technologies and complementing other production processes to provide greater functionality in less time.


Additive Industries Guarantees

Revolutionary Metal AM Solutions

Achieving our goal required a novel approach to printer development in the metal AM market, which promised all clients repeatability and scalability.

Redesigned impeller
Open Architecture

Our systems and parameters are completely transparent, allowing users to examine and modify any critical process variable.


A highly automated printer eliminates the need for manual system calibration and builds changeovers, as well as component and powder handling.


Our printers provide best-in-class productivity with four full-field lasers and automated multi-laser assignment software.

Manufacturing Quality

Our reliable and consistent technologies are designed and manufactured by a team with expertise in the semiconductor industry. We take pride in the build quality of our systems that are second to none in the market.


Motivated by the fire risk in the metal AM industry, our fully automated system minimizes the degree of metal powder exposure throughout the manufacturing process.


We allow customers to scale their investments according to production volume, workforce, cost requirements, and the volume of printed materials.

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Partnering with you to solve your business challenges: Additive Studios

The Additive Studios team has the experience and knowledge to walk you through the process of converting your metal component solutions. We have the passion and expertise to assist you in accelerating the execution of your vision by delivering:

Design Freedom: Superior Performance / Functionality

Time Compression: Reduced part counts & drastically reduced lead times 
Spare Parts on Demand: Working capital reduction 

We are close to our customers

In addition to our headquarters in Eindhoven's Brainport Ecosystem, Additive Industries has invested in Sales, Service, and Additive Studios facilities in Los Angeles (USA) and Bristol (UK). Our team consists of: 

Knowledgeable sales experts to assist you in overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on possibilities.
Technical specialists to help you provide end-to-end solutions.
Service network to ensure that our production assets operate at peak efficiency and yield.
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Driving Innovation to keep you in the lead: Bigger. Better. Faster

Our professional and devoted team is dedicated to bringing continual advancements to keep you ahead of the competition:

Productivity Leadership: We pledge to double productivity every two years, ensuring that you have access to the most cost-effective solutions and are capable of expanding your target market.
Reliable Quality: With services such as automated calibration and process monitoring systems, we vow to create innovations that promote operational efficiency.
Easy and Safe to Use: At Additive Industries, we stand apart in our philosophy of keeping powders contained and making every effort to avoid any unwanted exposure.

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