Saving tons of dough with 3D printed porous knife


K3D - 3D printed porous dough knife


Case study

K3D speeds up production

Bread is a staple food eaten by many of us everyday, yet little thought is given to how the bread on our table is manufactured on a scale necessary to provide the quantities that are required every day. Kaak Group are a manufacturer of baking equipment on the industrial scale. To rise to the every growing demand, Kaak Group are looking to utilise the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to help them achieve even more throughput and efficiency in the production of loaves.

What you can expect to find in this case study:

  • Design possibilities
    Porous properties, function integration, weight reduction, improved stiffness
  • Smart Manufacturing
    No tooling, no waste, no minimum order quantities, no post processing
  • Competitive Advantages
    Fast design iterations, shorter lead times, reduced part count, no assembly steps, increased performance

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