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Additive Industries: Accelerating Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Rethink the conventional and let our automated Metal Additive Manufacturing printers revolutionize how you create metal parts.

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MetalFABG2: Bigger, Better, Faster



A basic setup that allows for product and process development as well as large-part production.



It is the first step toward complete automation.


Continuous Production

A fully automated metal additive manufacturing production cell.

The only OEM specializing in automated industrial 3D metal printing systems is ready to redefine your manufacturing.

Revolutionizing the market

Additive Industries sees things differently

Create parts without sacrificing design freedom, complex geometry, or efficiency.

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Additive Industries offers a scalable manufacturing solution

Our fully-automated, large-frame metal additive manufacturing system is a game-changer for the industry, bringing lower costs and shorter lead times to the entire supply chain for high-end components.

We transform challenging markets across industries

Companies adopting Additive Manufacturing are motivated by a desire to embrace complexity in their part designs in order to maximize functional performance and achieve a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.


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