Introducing the MetalFab 300 Flex:

Your Flexible Gateway
To Metal AM

Our latest innovation, the MetalFab 300 Flex, offers the unmatched performance and quality of our proven metal 3D printer technology in our most flexible and affordable package yet.

Embrace additive manufacturing (AM) with the MetalFab 300 Flex

Additive manufacturing is revolutionising industrial production, outpacing traditional methods in consistency, quality and flexibility. The MetalFab 300 Flex is designed for businesses ready to harness these advantages.

With a lower cost entry point, the MetalFAB 300 Flex makes AM adoption accessible, 
significantly reducing investment risk. Experience its one-of-a-kind adaptable build area, cost-saving  automated features and transform your production lines today.

Discover the power of
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MetalFab 300 Flex finally makes adopting metal additive manufacturing in-house feasable. It's not only our most affordable and versatile printer to date. It's also the only printer that evolves with you.

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Adaptable build volume on demand
The MetalFab 300 Flex is the only printer that lets you increase your build area on demand, from 300x300x400mm to 420x420x400mm. This licensing service (monthly or perpetual) allows flexible accommodation of larger parts and diverse volumes without a long-term commitment.
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Affordable entry point for proven technology
Experience the same reliable MetalFab printer technology trusted by demanding manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, semiconductor and food processing industries. Refined over more than 1 million production hours, our technology offers best-in-class overall equipment effectiveness rates, now available in our most flexible and affordable package to date.
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A future-proof investment
The MetalFab 300 Flex is designed to grow with your business, offering an incremental upgrade path. Boost productivity by upgrading from two 500W full-field lasers to four, and add modules for enhanced output and automation. Upgrades are installed in the field to minimise downtime.
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Cost-saving automated features
Signature Additive Industries innovations, such as automated powder handling, storage and laser calibration, come as standard – no need for upgrades. These features not only reduce structural, expertise and safety costs, but also minimise manual processes and routine maintenance, ensuring consistent product quality, long-term value and operator safety.
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Adopt with confidence with an industry-leading partner
With Additive Industries, you gain a true partner. We offer training, technical support, and consultancy services, ensuring you retain full ownership of your manufacturing IP and seamlessly adapt existing workflows to the MetalFab 300 Flex.


Speak to one of our experts. We’d love to hear about your particular manufacturing ambitions & challenges.

Accelerate your development process with ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING

AM significantly shortens innovation cycles compared to traditional production, enabling more efficient R&D and faster time-to-market for your products.
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Technical specifications

Base Specification Flexibility Option
Laser: 2 x 500W Yb-fiber Laser 4 x 500W Yb-fiber Laser
(Field upgrade available)
Focus diameter: 110um
Optical calibrations: inline automated laser-to-laser & focus
Accuracy / reproducibility: <0.05 mm
Build volumn (x,y,z): 300 x 300 x 400 mm
(11.81 x 11.81 x 15.75 in)
420 x 420 x 400 mm
(16.54 x 16.54 x 15.75 in)
(On-demand scan field licence)
Layer thickness: 20-120 um
Machine size (w x d x h): 2.8 x 1.9 x 2.5 m
Machine weight: 5000 kg

Ready to embrace additive manufacturing and transform your production with the MetalFab 300 Flex?

Or still have questions? Schedule a call with one of our specialists.
Let’s get you on the path to AM success. 

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