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Additive Industries' advantages

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Reliable completion with four-laser full-field coverage

Our printers’ full build plate coverage with four lasers ensures every project reaches completion, every time. The laser coverage enables customers to either use zonal or full-field approaches to laser assignment, meaning large parts can be built without stitching zones and small parts can be split effectively across a build plate.

Full automation – never interrupt your print cycle

Additive Industries’ printers feature full automation that extends to post-printing processes. Build plates are exchanged and levelled automatically, preparing for subsequent jobs, thus facilitating an uninterrupted, continuous print cycle. This substantially raises productivity and efficiency, while ensuring consistent quality.
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Automated laser calibration – a leap in precision and efficiency

As the only system manufacturer to fully automate tests for all four lasers, we ensure perfect calibration of focus, stability, beam position, power, spot size, beam shape and laser-to-laser position. Our user-operated calibration guarantees unparalleled quality in printed parts, and significant time savings compared to manual methods used by competitors.
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Build beyond boundaries

Tailored for the most ambitious work, our 
printers accommodate the complexity and size requirements of components essential to advanced applications such as rockets and satellites.
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Safety at every step

From powder filling to de-powdering, features like automatic lid closures and powder extraction operate under inert conditions, exceeding HSE fire and user protection standards, while safeguarding operators from exposure risks.
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Effortless, remote updates for a cutting-edge advantage

Easily update your systems with the latest advancements and technological enhancements, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the competitive landscape.

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MetalFABG2 printers vs the competitors

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Mastering materials for precision-critical applications

We prioritize material quality to meet the critical demands of aerospace and defense applications. Our focus goes beyond powder quality to include mechanical property optimization of printed parts. With Additive Industries, material quality is never compromised.

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Dedicated U.S. subsidiary for defense market compliance

We’ve established a U.S. subsidiary and team specifically designed to serve the American aerospace and defense market. This ensures we are in full compliance with U.S. regulations that restrict foreign nationals from viewing export controlled material.

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Explore Our Customer Success Stories

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Redefining aerospace precision with GKN Aerospace & Ansys

GKN Aerospace, Ansys and Additive Industries collaborated to push the boundaries of aero engine technology. The partnership successfully produced the Turbine Exhaust Casing “H-Sector” within strict aerospace tolerances, setting new benchmarks for large components.


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Elevating personal flight with Talaria and Additive Industries

Talaria approached Additive Industries to design and manufacture topology optimized rotor hubs for their innovative personal flying device. Additive Industries’ printers reduced the rotor attachment weight by 30%, decreased the number of unique parts by 60% and shrunk the total volume by 42%, exemplifying AM efficiency. 


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