Additive Industries’ Productivity Leadership Challenge: 10 steps to remain Productivity Leader

03 September, 2020
As productivity leaders we often get challenged to push the boundaries of parts built in additive manufacturing. Through our Process & Application Development Centres around the word we are able to assist our customers in achieving their aspirations. During 10 coming weeks, in the run up to Formnext, we will show how to achieve the promise of AM through all the aspects of manufacturing end-use parts, what productivity means, how to achieve both quality and  low part price, and even show you what this means to our customers. Join us for 10 episodes, to learn what ingredients are required to also become productivity leaders

People you should know in AM: Jonathan Meyer, CPO APWORKS

31 August, 2020
Chief Product Officer for APWORKS, Jonathan Meyer is passionate about articulating real technology value in the additive manufacturing space. With prior experience as an Aerospace engineer for Airbus, Meyer’s mission at APWORKS is to introduce cutting-edge Aerospace technologies to new and emerging markets. Since 2016, APWORKS has leveraged the state-of-the-art, modular architecture of Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 to make waves in the additive manufacturing industry. Experimenting with innovative material developments and new product opportunities, Meyer plays a vital role in driving APWORKS’ additive manufacturing strategy. We recently caught up with Jonathan to discuss current industry challenges and future directions for APWORKS’ partnership with Additive Industries.  Read the full interview:

Additive Industries has joined the Dyndrite Developer Council

13 August, 2020
We are excited to announce that Additive Industries has joined the Dyndrite Developer Council to be active in creating a new set of standards that deliver the productivity, efficiency and automated workflows. 

Re-evaluating the cost of metal additive manufacturing

30 July, 2020
Additive Industries’ Director of Business Development Additive Industries North America, Ryan Kircher, spent the majority of his career focused on metal additive manufacturing. At first he got involved with the technology in 2005, working for a small contract manufacturer providing healthcare solutions that leveraged the advantages of additive manufacturing. It was an exciting time; there was no roadmap for establishing a legitimate AM manufacturing process and it took some time to find the appropriate applications for the technology. Read Ryan’s article “Re-evaluating the cost of metal additive manufacturing” to explore how the use of metal AM has changed in the last 15 years, and why now is a good time to re-evaluate the business case for using metal AM for many applications.

Our customer BMW opens Additive Manufacturing Campus

02 July, 2020
We are excited to announce that our customer, BMW, has officially opened its new Additive Manufacturing Campus. The new centre brings together production of prototype and series parts under one roof, along with research into new 3D printing technologies, and associate training for the global rollout of toolless production. We are proud to have one of our MetalFAB1 systems located in the campus producing parts in a range of metals. Additive Industries send our congratulations to the whole BMW team with this achievement and the successful realisation of their goal – to further industrialise 3D printing methods for automotive production and to implement new automation concepts in the process chain!
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