Additive Industries empowers VDL with MetalFABG2 metal 3D printer


Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 16 October 2023 – VDL ETG, a leader in the design, production, and realization of sophisticated mechatronic systems, has taken an ambitious step forward. The Eindhoven-based firm announces its latest acquisition: the MetalFABG2 3D metal printer from Additive Industries. This new collaboration symbolizes VDL ETG's relentless pursuit of innovation, especially in an age where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Central to this technological leap is the MetalFABG2, a marvel that’s not just a first for VDL ETG but for the entire VDL Groep. Its unmatched capability to intricately craft complex shapes, predominantly from stainless steel, will significantly boost production versatility. With the machine's introduction, unique product designs are already queued for production, showcasing the wide-ranging applications of the technology.

Responsible manufacturing
Efficiency is another hallmark of the MetalFABG2. Beyond its capacity to produce metal components in a reduced time, the system represents sustainability by ensuring minimal material usage and waste production. This proactive approach to resource management is a testament to responsible manufacturing. The team at VDL ETG expertly adopted the MetalFABG2. Within three weeks, they have assimilated the expansive capabilities of the machine, promising accelerated development and assembly for their products.

Mark Massey, Chief Executive Officer at Additive Industries, expressed his enthusiasm: “Partnering with VDL ETG and seeing them swiftly integrate the MetalFABG2 into their processes has been an affirmation of our shared vision for innovative manufacturing. We are excited about the transformative impact this will have in the mechatronics domain.”

About Additive Industries
Additive Industries is a pioneer in industrial metal 3D printers offering cutting-edge technology that enable customers to industrialize and accelerate their manufacturing processes. As a company, it helps to solve the challenges of the most forward-thinking industry leaders in high demanding sectors, including aerospace, automotive, high tech, and energy. Offering customized automation, modularity and unique calibration options, the company offers smart and highly scalable solutions with a focus on productivity, safety, and sustainability to meet rapidly changing customer demand. Headquartered in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Additive Industries has service and support centers in the USA and UK.

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