MetalFABG2 Continuous Production

Continuous series production over multiple print cores in one system. Print up to 8 sequential jobs autonomously

Special Features

  • 150+ updates implemented
  • Optimized gasflow
  • Optimized heat management
  • Productivity and quality optimized process parameters
  • Automated beam quality measurements
  • SigmaLabs PrintRite3D ready
  • Double the productivity of the original MetalFAB1
  • Build volume: 420 x 420 x 400 (width x depth x height)
  • Build speed Up to 150cm3/h


MetalFAB Modules

The MetalFAB system can be configured to include several optional modules that extends productivity or automates post processing. Additive Industries continuously improves the system by adding functionality, which protects your investment against obsolescence.


MetalFAB flexible configurations

Up to 4 AM Cores with 1 to 4 lasers, Storage Module, Exchange Module.

MetalFAB1 Module
Controls Module
Controls Module
Controls Module
MetalFAB1 Module
Would you like the best configuration for your business-case?

Our MetalFAB1 defines a new category of industrial additive manufacturing equipment in terms of reproducibility, productivity and flexibility.

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See all the specifications of our MetalFAB1 system below

Tailor-made for your operation: the modular and scalable MetalFAB

Modular, scalable, open system

Do you want to print large parts with one or more materials? For small series or production? Do you need specific post- processing functions?
The modular MetalFAB architecture ensures maximum flexibility and allows configurations up to 11 modules. When your capacity need increases, add more modules in the future. You can optimize the print parameter settings of the MetalFAB for specific part qualification. To better understand the MetalFAB process, please see this video.

The MetalFAB prints with lowest cost per part

The MetalFAB system has automated the manual steps of conventional powder bed fusion (PBF) printers to ensure highest productivity, resulting in the lowest cost per printed part. The fully automated process reduces human errors and increases reproducibility. Additive Industries evaluates a cost per part business case for new customers.

The MetalFAB prints the highest quality parts

For industrial-quality production, the part reproducibility of the MetalFAB is assured through solid machine design in combination with advanced laser calibration technology that can be pre-programmed to automatically run at specified intervals. Predictability is achieved by combining part build simulation, scripted process controls and in-process quality monitoring.

Customers are our partners

Additive Industries offers World Class Service to maximize the MetalFAB’s overall equipment efficiency. A continuous open dialogue with our customers feeds the technology roadmap for continuous improvement. 

MetalFAB System Specifications

Process type:

Metal Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (LB-PBF)

Net build envelope:

420 x420 x400 [mm] (16.5 x 16.5 x 15.7 [In])


Yb fibre lasers 500W

Number of Lasers:

1 to 4 full field, preventing laser overlap regions


Configure up to 11 modules for more productivity or post-processing automation

Build plate:

Automated levelling and positioning


Polymer style with automated first layer technology

Powder handling:

Automated extraction, sieving and recycling during the build cycle

Minimum autonomous operation:

112 [hrs], maximum 8 build jobs


Up to 1.000 dm3/y (with 4 lasers, depending on material)


<  |0.050 0.002 x part length| [mm]


<  |0.050| [mm]

Layer Thickness:

20-100 um

Optical calibrations:

In-line, automated, laser-2-laser


Safe chalk filter system

Storage positions:

8 empty build plates

Job preparation:

Off line build set up and routine cleaning and maintenance

Remote access & monitoring:

Continuous video feed through Additive World Platform


All LB-PBF materials supported, including Ti6Al4V (grades5,23),  C360.0 AlSi10Mg, 1.4404 (316L), UNS N07718 (IN718), Scalmalloy©, 1.2709 (Maraging Steel)

Quality control

PrintRite 3D process monitoring by SigmaLabs


MetalFAB Optional Modules

Up to 4 AM Cores with 1 to 4 lasers, Heat Treatment Module, Product Removal Module, Storage Module, Exchange Module


Additive World Platform Software, Additive Industries Build Processor, compatible with Materialise Magics, Autodesk Netfabb and 3D Sysems 3DXpert.

MetalFAB Supporting Tools

Build Plate Handling Tool, Powder Management Tool

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