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Design for Additive Manufacturing: Developing an all-round production solution


We understand, advise, optimise & productionise your AM parts

With over 70 years combined experience in manufacturing high quality AM components in the most demanding industries, our team can help you create truly optimised production ready components on your MetalFAB printer.

Maximize Your Potential with Additive Design and Manufacturing

Understanding your product portfolio

Discover how 3D printing can add value to your business 

Design guidance for 3D printing

Learn best practices for getting the most out of your designs

Optimize build setup and production

Adjust your build setup for faster production and higher quality components

Process parameter and material development

Collaborate on custom parameter sets for printing new materials

Production Optimization

Develop efficient processes for printing larger quantities

Advice on Post-Processing Methods

Ensure high-quality printed parts within tolerance limits

Our additive design and manufacturing team can support you globally


Staying close to our customers

Decades of practical experience in design for additive manufacturing in high-end sectors, combined with our three global service sites, ensure that we have the background knowledge and culture fit for your requirements.

“We have found a partner in Additive Industries that not only knows what is required to employ 3D metal printing in an industrial context but also shares our passion for digital technology in order to continuously improve the service we provide to our clients.”

Egon Seegers

General Manager service parts, ABB


From manufacturing a product to designing complete AM solutions

Maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) of your MetalFab systems by determining which of your products will stand to gain the most from additive manufacturing development and the benefits this will provide your business


Optimize your designs with customized materials and industry-leading productivity

Unlock exciting additive design and manufacturing applications with bespoke material parameter sets tailored to your requirements.

AI_VW Application

Real-life success stories from the field

Our Additive Studios Team has benefitted a range of customers by reducing costs, speeding up production with automation, and increasing product quality and design flexibility.

Design for Additive Manufacturing to optimize and productionize

Let's focus on additive manufacturing development. Together with our industry experts, you can take your AM components to the next level and optimize them along the whole AM value chain.

“Additive industries is our preferred partner because they listen to their customers and have a deep understanding of the requirements for Metal AM production.”

Bob Markley

Executive Vice President at ADDMAN Engineering

We don’t just provide a printer

Design for additive manufacturing can transform your business

Collaborate with our Additive Studios team to enhance your additive manufacturing development and manufacturing operations for more efficient and effective production.


Reduction in part cost by switching to additive manufacturing

Volkswagen sees significant savings in cost and lead time with 3D Printing

In collaboration with our Additive Studios team, the Volkswagen Group redesigned a conventionally manufactured tooling nozzle used to make the VW Tiguan. This came with great success, as Additive Industries received the prestigious TCT Transport Application Award for the new design at the TCT 3Sixty, the UK's annual 3D printing and AM event.

Due to the capability of additive manufacturing to print complex part geometries, the nozzle design was simplified from two machined components that were welded together to a single hollow part.

AM shortened the lead time to two days and changed the material from titanium to stainless steel, cutting costs on the part. Our team contributed to the design for Additive Manufacturing, including build parameters and post-processing, as well as the 316L data utilized in Volkswagen's MetalFAB printer.


Video Series

Design for Additive Manufacturing and the Productivity Leadership Challenge

Learn how our Additive Industries team can help you maximize your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while consuming less energy and fewer materials.

Design for additive manufacturing unlocks the full potential of AM for your business

Maximize the benefits that additive manufacturing development can bring to your organization with the help of our seasoned Additive Studios team.


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