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Where you'll be working

Additive Industries is lucky to have assembled a true dream team. Highly experienced engineers from the diverse high-tech equipment ecostructure around Eindhoven are complemented with a broad range of other professionals. We are professionals, personal in our approach and fun to work with!

Available vacancies

Currently the following vacancies are open for application in our general support and system development teams.

Project Manager (Eindhoven)

As a project manager, you will be managing multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled experts. You will be responsible for innovative development projects containing both hardware and software, fully meeting the quality, performance, budgetary and schedule expectations of the customer.

AM Process Engineer (UK)

Additive Industries is looking for an AM Process Engineer to join the Additive Industries Process & Application Development team in our new UK facility. To support our customers, we develop the build process parameters for various materials, develop new applications specific to customers’ requirements and provide solutions for process simulation and monitoring.

Additive Manufacturing Technician (Eindhoven)

Additive Industries is looking for an Additive Manufacturing Technician to join the Additive Industries process and application development team in Eindhoven, NL. In this multidisciplinary team, you support the development programs running to enable continuous process improvement, new material development and customer applications projects by operating and maintaining the MetalFAB1 systems located in the Additive Industries Eindhoven HQ.

Medior Software Engineer (Eindhoven)

In our team of software developers, you create, design and realize the software for our 3D metal printing system. You are equipped with the excellent skills for building this sturdy software system.

Service and Support Engineer (Location Zurich)

The number of systems installed in Central Europe is increasing and is expected to grow further in the near future. To reduce the response time to our customers in this region we are looking for a Service and Support Engineer, based within driving distance to Zurich, to join the Additive Industries’ Customer Lifecycle Support team with the opportunity to transfer to Switzerland (Sauber Motorsport AG). Our multidisciplinary team is responsible for all service and support activities within Additive Industries, from system handover by the production team until end-of-life arrangements at our customers. The Customer Lifecycle Support team is an important interface between the customer and the Additive Industries team (research and development, marketing and sales). Next to that the Service and Support Engineer is also an important commercial ambassador.

AM Production Engineer with Project Management Skills (Eindhoven)

Additive Industries is looking for an AM Production Engineer with project management skills to join our Process & Application Development (P&AD) team in Eindhoven. Additive Industries successfully launched their industrial metal Additive Manufacturing system, the MetalFAB1. To support our customers, P&AD develop the print process for different materials and new applications, and provide solutions for print process simulation, monitoring and control. The team is also in close contact with our customers to assist and train in process and application development. We support our customers from design of the application until a post-processed product.