Additive Industries lands 1st MetalFAB1 follow-on order

18 May, 2017

Additive Industries has received a follow-on order from its customer Kaak Group. The order of a second MetalFAB1 system, this time a 5-module 4-laser production series system within 9 months after the installation of the first system, confirms the performance of the MetalFAB1 system. Kaak, the market leading manufacturer of industrial bakery systems will further increase its metal additive manufacturing capacity since demand for 3D printed components for internal use is substantial. Below you will find the press release and the visuals on the MetalFAB1 system:

- Press Release Additive Industries lands 1st MetalFAB1 follow-on order (English)
- Persbericht Additive Industries scoort eerste vervolgorder MetalFAB1 systeem (Dutch)
- visual MetalFAB1 system 6 module version
MetalFAB1 build chamber with HMI
MetalFAB1 storage module
MetalFAB1 exchange with robot carrying build plate
MetalFAB1 robot with build plate 

Additive Industries presents 4-full-field-laser MetalFAB1 at RAPID

09 May, 2017

On the first day of RAPID 2017, the largest 3D printing tradeshow in the USA, Additive Industries has presented its 4-laser version of the MetalFAB1 system to the North American market. The Dutch engineers have successfully designed the build chamber and optical sets for full field use of all four lasers. This allows the MetalFAB1 users to print large parts without stitching or being restricted to zones. Please read the full press release below:

- Press Release 4-full-field-laser MetalFAB1 at RAPID (English)
- Persbericht 4-laser versie MetalFAB1 op RAPID (Dutch)