3D printed titanium impeller just as good as casting, but available ten times faster

22 June, 2020
The oil and gas industry spends billions of euros on keeping the spare parts in the stock worldwide, it can drastically change the business model by replacing it with printing on demand. That is one of the conclusions of the Joint Innovation Project Oil and Gas. Additive Industries has printed one of these impellers for the pump of a fire extinguishing system on an oil rig. 

“Automation” working group meeting of VDMA to be hosted at Additive Industries HQ on October 14th

16 June, 2020
As a proud member of the VDMA, Additive Manufacturing Association, we are honoured to announce to be hosting the second day of the working group Automation at our HQ in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on October 14th, 2020. We are happy to give an opportunity to the working group to have planned discussions directly at the Industrial Additive Manufacturing environment.