3D printing Medical Applications

In medical, metal 3D printing is chiefly used for orthopaedic implants, patient-specific implants and also for some surgical tools.

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications

In the medical arena metal additive manufacturing has been used in many applications. In dental, unique cobalt chrome crowns and bridges have graced millions of mouths. In orthopaedics, tens of thousands of complicated life-altering procedures have been made safer through 3D printing. Some surgeons have even developed metal 3D printed customized tooling tailor made to one procedure or even one patient. Across medical applications, advances are causing surgeons, dental laboratories, hospitals, implant manufacturers and health systems to turn to 3D printing.

Value of Metal 3D printing

Learn more how  metal 3D printing has its value in applications like dental, orthopaedics and implants. The MetalFAB1 is designed for industrial manufacturing in demanding markets which require compliance with regulatory standards like ISO13485 for medical devices.

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