3D Printing Energy Industry

For the energy industry, maintenance and repair issues have major implications in supply. This issue arises when worksites are far from spare parts. Setting up Additive Manufacturing locations near important production or processing sites is then, of course, an opportunity for energy companies. By printing close to these sites, spare parts could be replaced more quickly and redesigned parts may be made where they are needed.

Shorten development cycle with rapid prototyping

New parts are prototyped in an iterative way to improve existing systems. Energy companies can start up their production faster.

Reduce components and create new designs with metal 3D printing

Most interestingly though, companies can serially manufacture metal 3D printed parts with new capabilities and higher performance.

Making qualified metal 3D printed parts was not easy for the energy industry. It took longer to develop applications and to put them into use as parts than for instance in medical and aerospace industries. Given the immense safety and economic stakes, it would pay to be careful. With qualified parts now being produced as end-use parts, the energy industry is moving full steam ahead with 3D printing.

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