Markets we specialise in

Target OEMs are found in demanding industries

These companies own the design of the specific parts and are able to in order to advance their manufacturing process. Typically these companies can be characterised by a focus on the integral part cost, since they are owners of the end product.

Service providers & contractors

Another important target group is producing high-end parts for OEM customers, as an external expert, service bureau, subcontractor or as an outsourcing production partner. Typical outsourcing production partners:

  • Manufacture high quality functional metal parts according customer requirements (technical product documentation) or functional specifications.
  • Compete in achievable part quality and cost price.
  • Do business mostly on part level.
  • Know how to operate equipment economically. Streamlined work flows, processes and production planning are key enablers in this market. Critical success factors are uptime, productivity, yield etc.
  • Have a background in conventional machining/part production, but can also be fully dedicated to additive manufacturing and adopt novel production methods, systems and business models.


Industrial applications

Additive Industries has developed the MetalFAB1 system for a broad range of industrial applications. For structural parts in airplanes, manifolds and complex nozzles, mould inserts integrated cooling channels, lightweight structures, medical implants and many, many more. All these applications have in common that the requirements are strict and tolerances tight. The MetalFAB1 system is designed for an unrivalled reproducibility making industrial series production possible.

Regulated progresses

The MetalFAB1 is designed for industrial manufacturing in demanding markets which require compliance with regulatory standards like AS9000 for aeronautical applications and ISO13485 for medical devices.

Fast and smooth process validation with MetalFAB1 is facilitated by combining multiple process steps into one single industrial additive manufacturing system. For future upgrades, re-validation is minimized as customizable modules can be easily integrated. Process and part qualification are supported by controlled additive manufacturing processes with smart calibration strategies, feedback control algorithms and monitoring.

Transparent material and product traceability together with regulatory compliant data management is crucial for regulated markets and is offered by the Additive World software platform. Connecting equipment and data and storing all relevant information in a single repository enables regulatory compliant record keeping and data analysis.