Additive Industries has developed the MetalFAB1 system for a broad range of industrial applications. Our leading customers challenge us every day to improve and grow towards a position in the top 3 of our industry. A continuous open dialogue with our customers feeds the technology roadmap for continuous improvement. We are proud to be called the preferred partner of many of our customers! 

F1 Team Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

In 2017, Christoph Hansen, Technology & Innovation Director at Sauber Engineering, announced for the 1st time the Technology Partnership between Sauber Engineering AG and Additive Industries. Just 2 years later, this partnership has been strengthen & expanded again. On behalf of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN, Sauber Engineering, have ordered its 4th multi-module, the 4-laser MetalFAB1 Productivity system. By 2020 the C39 had the total count of 143 metal 3D parts printed on our MetalFAB1 systems, what saved at least 2% of the car weight. In 2021 - 304 parts (more than doubled amount just in one year). They also confirmed use of a range of different AM engineering materials for different end purposes of the parts (safety, weight & costs reduction, etc), as well as 90% price reduction compared to conventional manufacturing of the parts: Find out more


Sauber Engineering (F1 Alfa Romeo Racing) TESTIMONIAL
Volkswagen Group logo
Volkswagen Group

We are proud to work closely together with the Volkswagen team in Wolfsburg to execute on our roadmap for manufacturing excellence and expansion of the metal additive manufacturing footprint. The partnership with Volkswagen, the world’s largest car maker is a solid confirmation of our strategy to accelerate industrial additive manufacturing and focus on innovators in their markets. The Volkswagen brand is one of the world’s most successful volume carmakers. The Group’s core brand maintains facilities in 14 countries, where vehicles for customers in more than 150 nations are produced. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered a record 6.2 million vehicles worldwide in 2018.

Find out what Oliver Pohl, Head of the VW AM center in Wolfsburg, thinks about the MetalFAB1 system in the Episode 6 of our Productivity Leadership Challenge.


SMS group
SMS group

In November 2017, at Formnext, Additive Industries presented a new partnership with SMS-Group to jointly develop a concept for fully integrated AM production plants in the Scale4Series project. The Scale4Series concept includes a powder atomizer feeding multiple MetalFAB1 systems as well as post-processing equipment like HIP furnaces, CT scanners and 5-axis CNC machines. This is all offered in a turn-key project concept including all infrastructural works. The SMS-Group is one of the leading machine and plant builders for the metallurgical industry, with extensive design know-how and process engineering expertise in the field of vacuum melting plants.

Logo K3D FC p.o.
Kaak Group (K3D)

Dutch Kaak Group, a leading food tech company specialised in integrated automated bakery systems has been a partner in Additive Industries’ AddLab initiative from 2014 onwards. In 2016, Additive Industries announced  that the Kaak Group becomes one of the first MetalFAB1 Beta customers. Already 9 months later after the delivery of the MetalFAB1 Beta system to the Kaak Group, Additive Industries has received a follow-up order for a 5-module 4-laser production series system. From 2019 onwards  all the 3D printing activities were merged in the K3D company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kaak group.

K3D Testimonial
AP Works
AP Works

In December 2015, APWorks, at that time a 100 % subsidiary of the Airbus Group, ordered their first industrial 3D metal printing system, the Additive Industries MetalFAB1, and embarked the Beta Programme as launching customer. APWorks covers the entire value chain, from optimizing component design to the choice of suitable materials, from prototyping to qualified serial production. Since 2018, APWORKS became a 100 % subsidiary of Premium AEROTEC. In addition the additive manufacturing activities, APWORKS markets innovative projects and technologies from Airbus Group Innovations.



Installation of the first MetalFAB1 system at APWorks
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We are proud to be called the preferred partner by our customers! Would you like to find out why they consider us their partner of choice? Find out below:

3rd website
3rd Dimension

Bob Markley, President and CEO at 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing Co: ““Additive Industries is our preferred partner because they listen to their customers and have a deep understanding of the requirements for Metal AM production. The MetalFAB1 is a well thought out system that gives 3rd Dimension flexibility and a distinct competitive advantage”


Groupshot website
F1 Team Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

Christoph Hansen, Head of Technical Development at Sauber Engineering (F1 Team Alfa Romeo Racing):  “Additive Industries is our most preferred partner because they are reliable and 24/7 available for us.”


IMG_7464 website

Alexander Essle, Head of Business & Partnerships at Talaria: “Additive Industries is our preferred partner because of their knowledge and experience. We couldn’t think of another partner to help us better with designing and manufacturing of these very critical helicopter parts. The large build volume of the MetalFAB1 was very helpful in this case too.”


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Bob van Lochem, Lead Operator Additive Manufacturing at K3D: “Additive Industries is a preferred partner of K3D because they provide an excellent service & high quality.”