Additive Industries is lucky to have assembled a true dream team. Highly experienced engineers from the diverse high-tech equipment ecostructure around Eindhoven are complemented with a broad range of other professionals

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True Heroes

These are the true Heroes of Additive Industries! A mixed team of talented professionals in all relevant fields is working hard to develop and sell the best metal additive manufacturing systems, source and build them from high quality components and modules, fine-tune the processes and applications, optimize the use for the highest productivity and enable the core processes. We believe a highly diversified group of people with clear shared values and a fun-to-work-with mind-set are essential for Additive Industries to grow fast and strong.

Our Shared values

Our shared values reflect our strong shared culture and how we want to be recognized externally.

Our company is customer focused and open

We have demanding customers and are convinced we can only deliver when we expect the same from ourselves and our partners. In order to excel at what we do, we need to focus on our core business and cooperate with other experts in their field. Only if we cooperate in an inclusive and sharing way, we can succeed.

We are professionals, personal in our approach and fun to work with

Our team consists of a highly motivated group of skilled, young yet experienced people continuously challenged to grow. We are supported by a number of proven experts in various domains supervising and giving advice – whether asked for or not. Responsibility and ownership go hand in hand with trust and freedom to operate. Honest and straightforward communication is based on a deep respect for each other. We like our work and humor & joy are considered important part of it.

Our collective drive is to offer value for money and build long lasting relationships

We are in the business with a long term perspective and believe in offering a fair price based on the value our systems generate for our customers. Through an intensive dialogue we want to truly understand how we can help our customers accelerate their business.

Meet the team
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Meet the team