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ArcelorMittal and Additive Industries take the lead in large spare part printing for the steel industry

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In 2017, ArcelorMittal and Additive Industries joined forces to explore the opportunities of 3D metal printing for the steel industry using one of the largest 4-laser 3D metal printing systems available on the market: the MetalFAB1. 3D printing of spare parts is practical as it offers on-demand, on-location production which reduces the need for stocks; it also shortens the production cycle as well as affording flexibility to ArcelorMittal plants. 

Since the installation of the first metal 3D printer in ArcelorMittal R&D facilities, several 3D-printed spare parts have already been used while others are still running in ArcelorMittal facilities.

Through metal 3D printing, ArcelorMittal has been able to print on-demand ready-to-use spare parts. Collaboration with Additive Industries in recent years has resulted in an improvement in process performance and quality. This outcome has enabled ArcelorMittal to print large and challenging components for its facilities.

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