Show case 'Serial production of massive rocket parts'

Big part-Turbine Housing

Lift off: Using the MetalFAB1 to take 3D printed rocket engine parts into serial production

The Rocket Turbine-Pump Housing is a great example of how additive manufacturing can really add benefit to component design through part integration and complexity. Weighing 150kg, with a diameter of 420mm & 350mm tall, the part fully utilizes the large bed size and full field laser capability of the MetalFAB1. Traditionally, this part would have been made up of several components assembled together and so AM has not only benefited on part performance, but also significantly streamlined & reduced the manufacturing lead time. Would you like to see how a 150kg part can be printed in only 118hrs, how process simulation & multi-laser PBF can to produce large accurate aerospace components? Download the Rocket Turbine-Pump Housing business case!

More in-depth results from this case will be presented during our Webinar "Serial production of massive rocket parts". Amount of seats are limited, pre-register now.