White paper “Utilisation of Process Simulation & Multi-laser Powder Bed Fusion to Produce a Turbine Exhaust Casing ‘H-Sector’"


Combining the capabilities of the MetalFAB1 with process simulation to create large Aerospace components right first time

In a collaboration between GKN Aerospace, Ansys and Additive Industries, the combination of multi-laser powder bed fusion and process simulation software was used to create a large, complex Aerospace engine component within a profile tolerance of +/- 1mm. The H-Sector, part of the Turbine Exhaust Casing within the Turbofan engine, was selected as AM presents a strong business case through part integration and reduced material useage, whilst presenting a significant challenge geometrically. Optimal build orientation and support design was selected to maximise productivity and part quality, utilising the large bed size and 4 full field laser capability of the MetalFAB1. Process simulation was used to model the behaviour of the H-Sector at all stages of the manufacturing process including heat treatment and part removal. A compensated model was then created and built on the MetalFab1. Following manufacture, the H-Sector was 3D scanned and found to be within the target profile tolerance of +/- 1mm, further unlocking the potential to manufacture large Aerospace components in volume production.

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