Tools & Accessories

Powder Load Tool

The Powder Load Tool can automatically fill the MetalFABG2 with metal powders in a safe, clean and time-saving way. The robust and certifies container is prepared to come pre-filled from the metal powder supplier and can be easily connected to the MetalFABG2 by the operator. The powder loading happens under inert conditions, ensuring the quality of the metal powder.

Attaching the Powder Load Tool increases the MetalFABG2 autonomous printing. This allows for the production of multiple large jobs, without the need for an operator to refill the powder.

  • Automatic powder loading, no manual powder handling
  • Ability to come pre-filled from the metal powder supplier, guaranteeing powder quality
  • Increase unattended printing time
  • Volume of 176 (L), sufficient for multiple large size builds