Customer Lifecycle Support

The Customer Lifecycle Support team guarantees that the MetalFAB1 is operating at the highest possible level in terms of productivity and reliability

After a successful MetalFAB1 system installation at the customers site, Additive Industries provides onsite classroom and hands-on training to transform our customers into skilled professionals in operating and maintaining our systems. Additive Industries’ highly skilled and experienced Customer Lifecycle Support team will help train our customers to maximize the system manufacturing uptime through immediate hotline response times, online live video monitoring (MyRemoteCoach), remote training, and via fast delivery of spare parts and consumables.

Design and Simulation

We employ state-of-the-art technology and tools to continuously monitor system health in order to optimize system availability and uptime, to minimize (remote) diagnostic time and to allow for remote equipment and software maintenance. When the situation demands, Additive Industries stands ready to offer customers our on-site support and maintenance services to ensure that the highest possible uptimes are achieved.


Comprehensive Toolkit