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Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Industries' skilled and experienced Design for AM professionals will give our customers high quality support in design, application and business case development. We are also happy to provide training in Design for AM.

Application development

Our Application Development team will help you to transform your idea to series production. Integrated industrial Additive Manufacturing enables product customization and eliminates the need for complex logistic chains. By assessing all aspects of your value chain, product application and manufacturing volume we will jointly specify product requirements, the MetalFAB1 system configuration and reshape the supply chain.

Material & process development

To ensure a seamless introduction of new materials and processes, Additive Industries supports you in selecting materials, developing and validating optimal build process settings and post-processing options.  Process predictability and part quality will be assured and unexpected build process behaviour will be prevented. Besides this, qualified powder characteristics are fundamental for predictable and repeatable product quality. Additive Industries offers material qualification and validation services, assuring the constant supply of qualified powder.

Customized module development

With customized modules the functionality of MetalFAB1 can be tailored to your process flow to increase flexibility and productivity. For example, future modules can offer part separation or surface treatment processes to create a fully integrated industrial grade production system. Closely cooperating with our customers we will define, develop and manufacture customized modules to increase the MetalFAB1 flexibility and extend your system’s lifetime

Uptime support

Fast support by skilled professionals and short reaction times are essential to secure system availability and uptime. Therefore Additive Industries provides onsite training and remote training to transform our customers into skilled professionals in using our systems. Additive Industries’ skilled and experienced service and customer support team will complement our trained customer professionals ensuring high system availability and uptime through short response times by remote support with our hotline and fast delivery of spare parts. We can also provide remote monitoring and remote support, allowing remote equipment and software maintenance. When the situation demands, Additive Industries stands ready to offer customers our on-site support and maintenance services to ensure the highest possible uptimes are achieved.


We are open to discuss the use of tailored additive manufacturing alloys and third party supplies. We also can support with our skilled application, materials and development teams to get qualifications meeting regulatory standards and secure system uptime and quality.

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