Productivity Leadership Challenge

As productivity leaders we often get challenged to push the boundaries of what’s possible in metal additive manufacturing. Every week, for the 10 weeks in the run up to Formnext, we will show how to achieve the promise of additive manufacturing through all the aspects of manufacturing end-use parts, what productivity means, how to achieve both quality and  low part price, and even show you what this means in practice to our customers.

Episode 4 - Quality in, quality out 

The parts you build in AM are only ever going to be as good as the material you use to make them. With the MetalFAB1s integrated powder handling, where parts are automatically depowered after being built, not only do we make a much safer environment for the operator but the powder is stored in an inert environment from the moment its is produced by our powder suppliers through its entire life cycle in the MetalFAB1. In order to do this we had to become experts in powder.

Find out next week how to maximize the build rate dependant on part requirements

Episode 3 - Gone with the flow

Building parts quicker and lower cost mustn’t be at the expense of quality. The large platform of the MetalFAB1 allows you to build not only large parts but also a greater number of small parts, helping to lower costs further. With multiple lasers, all able to at every point on the large platform, controlling such things as the gas flow become critical in achieving the desired quality

Next week, find out why the parts you make are only as good as the material used to make them.

Read the white paper 'Size matters: Size matters: Shielding gas flow configuration'

Episode 2 - Power-up & Stay in control

One of the things people first associate with increasing productivity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion is increasing the number of lasers working at any one time. The full field lasers on the MetalFAB1 have many advantages as all lasers effectively work as one, meaning no visual stitching lines on parts, or overlap regions where the part is scanned twice leaving undesirable material properties. In this episode find out how Additive Industries provide the user the ability to control all these lasers exactly how you want whilst still ensuring quality

Join us next week to find out how we maintain the quality of parts, no matter where they are built on the large platform of MetalFAB1

Sigma Labs and Additive Industries announce MetalFAB1 certified as PrintRite3D® Ready

Episode 1 - Leading in Productivity

The first important part of being productivity leaders is the hardware of our MetalFAB1. Mark Vaes, CEO/CTO of Additive Industries, explains company’s vision, mission and focus, but also the importance of the unique design of MetalFAB1

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of our journey to show the steps that are necessary in achieving high productivity. Join us for the next 9 episodes to learn what ingredients are required to also become productivity leaders and to see all the steps of the Additive Industries journey of revealing something special in the week of Formnext!

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