Additive Industries' Technology Partner Alfa Romeo Racing succesfully launches C38

18 February, 2019

On February 18, the first day of the Barcelona F1 testing days, Additive Industries' Technology Partner Alfa Romeo Racing (previously called Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team) succesfully launched their new Alfa Romeo Racing C38. As a Technology Partner, Additive Industries is very proud that C38 has increased amount of the metal 3D printed parts, which reduces weight of the car, and what automatically becomes beneficial for the performance.

According to Simone Resta, technical director from Alfa Romeo Racing F1 team:

  • The weight saving resulting from the use of metal additive manufacturing technology on C38 amounts in kgs.
  • Aside from the weight aspect, the technology / process also provided Alfa Romeo Racing following advantages:
    - with regards to time to market reduction on a number of components (bring parts faster to the race track)
    - freedom in the development of new / complex shapes otherwise impossible to manufacture or tooling / cost extensive
    - possibility to produce in a short time frame a large number of test parts both for the wind tunnel model and race car.

During the Partner Kick-Off, one day before the offcial reveal, Additive industries was lucky to get a preview of C38, as well as to get the first feedback on the new race car directly from the technical director Simone Resta and the both drivers Kimi Räikkönen (number 7) and Antonio Giovinazzithe (number 99).

We are wishing Kimi, Antonio and, of course, the whole Alfa Romeo Racing team lots of luck this season!

Additive Industries Alfa Romeo Racing