Additive Industries at AMUG 2019, the world’s largest user meeting of additive manufacturing technology professionals

04 March, 2019

From Sunday March 31 thru Thursday April 4 our team will present the MetalFAB1™ system at Salon A booth D5, where the latest developments, news & innovations will be shared with you, as well as our customers’ experiences and our expanding installed base at leading customers like Alfa Romeo Racing F1 Team, Volkswagen, SMS Group and 3rd Dimension.

This year, we are proud to bring a combined key-note speech to AMUG from our fastest customer and our CEO on April 2 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm (Waldorf Room):

  •  Additive Manufacturing in Formula 1: a wonderful basis for a solid business case by Christoph Hansen, Sauber Engineering AG

Abstract: Performance concentration in formula 1 motorsport is extremely high. Fractions of a second result in either victory or defeat. The Sauber Engineering team does research with state-of-the-art materials and develops processes 24/7. Such an effort enables them to keep up with the developments in technology and even set their own trends. Therefore, the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team relies on additive manufacturing in the aerodynamic development as well as on the racetrack.
With this technology, up to 300 components for the use in the wind tunnel and on the F1 vehicle as well as for third party customers are manufactured on a daily basis. These parts are not only parts of prototypes, but also fixtures, gauges or other tools and industrial small batch parts. In use are high-volume SLA, SLS and LBPBF machines together with a high performance material which has been especially developed for our application needs.
Sauber’s ambition for quality is mainly driven by the goal to achieve reproducible results in the wind tunnel. Through the optimization of all processes and side processes they assure an equally high quality along with a very high flexibility. The internal as well as the external business profit from this to the same extent: the best business case.

  •  Start small and scale smart: how can the MetalFAB1 platform accelerate your AM business case? by Daan A.J. Kersten, Additive Industries

Abstract: When you are serious about industrial additive manufacturing, the number of options is limited. Total cost of the parts 3D printed in the business cases of most prototyping solutions can’t compete with conventional technologies and ROI’s are too long. Additive Industries developed the integrated MetalFAB1 system and associated Additive World Platform for industrial use. Unparalleled reproducibility and productivity roughly reduce the total cost with 40-50%. The modular architecture allows you to start with a small footprint system and scale with your growing demand while you can share the parameters and settings. Unique self-calibration increases predictability and consistency on a build plate, between build chambers and between systems.
Additive Industries Co-founder and CEO, Daan Kersten, will explain how they help the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team to accelerate their business case, as well as many other professional users of laser beam powder bed fusion technology. Spoiler alert: it’s all about productivity and OEE.

And two sessions in the hands-on Training Lab which will be presented in Salon C, Room 2 on April 1 from 3pm to 4pm and on April 3 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm:

  •  Controlling Powder Evolution in Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Shane Collins, Additive Industries North America Inc.

Maintaining repeatability and reproducibility in LB-PBF starts with controlling the powder used in the build process. Ensuring powder evolution occurs in a controlled, monitored way is crucial in ensuring the quality and the repeatability of the parts produced and meeting safety critical applications. Learn how Additive Industries achieves the highest level of powder control in the industry through their powder load tool and insitu powder handling systems.

  •  Achieving Greater Control in Build Setup and Quality of Parts in Multi-Laser Systems by Dr. Mark Beard, Additive Industries UK & Ireland Ltd.

In multi-laser systems, existing build setup software does not take into account the interactions of lasers with one another. This is critical to achieve the desired quality of the parts produced. This training session shows how the Additive Industries Dynamic Laser Assignment software can simulate the process and provide greater control in the build setup

Please let us know what time would fit your schedule best so that we can guarantee your space in the key-note and training lab presentations. We are looking forward to meeting you at AMUG!