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“Automation” working group meeting of VDMA to be hosted at Additive Industries HQ on October 14th

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As a proud member of the VDMA, Additive Manufacturing Association, we are honoured to announce to be hosting the second day of the working group Automation at our HQ in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on October 14th, 2020. We are happy to give an opportunity to the working group to have planned discussions directly at the Industrial Additive Manufacturing environment.

During this meeting exciting contributions on finishing, quality assurance and machine networking will support the work of the group. The roadmap for the automation of additive manufacturing in the industrial environment will continue to be worked on and will certainly provide extensive information on challenges and approaches to solutions for the industry.

As it’s going to be a two-days working group meeting, already on October 13th the working group will start with the topic of plastics / SLS and will meet in South Holland at the Brightland Material Center (BMC, Geelen).

Please find attached an impressive agenda for these two days meeting. In case you are interested to become a member of  the VDMA additive manufacturing workgroup, send an email directly to Reiner Gebhardt.




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