3D Printed Dental Parts

Millions of dental parts have been 3D printed in metal. Crowns, abutments and bridges are some of the most printed parts in the world. The design freedom and productivity of metal printing systems mean that highly accurate unique parts are made at scale with short lead times. Dental labs and suppliers to the dental industry dominate this market. For dental the most prevalent materials are cobalt chrome (Cro-Cr) and cobalt-chrome-molybdenum (Cro-Cr-Mb), but Gold Palladium alloys (and other so-called high nobles) are also present.

Dental Surgical guides

Surgical guides (also called cutting guides) are unique parts made from a CT or MRI scan. These scans are used for surgical planning by the surgical team. Subsequently, unique guides are constructed that are positioned in the body to indicate where incisions or implants are to be done.

Metal 3D printed surgical guides are made for oral surgery to allow for the precise implantation of caps for example. Surgical guides help surgeons avoid nerves and roots or guide them to the correct drilling angle into bone. Implants implanted without a surgical guide may be crooked, off-center or in the wrong position. Oral surgeons and dentist use surgical guides to reduce the risk of surgeries, and metal 3D printed surgical guides are an established part of many companies practice.