3D Printing High Tech equipment

The high tech equipment business is facing increasing competitive pressure from a truly globalized world. Many industrial tools and machines are becoming commoditized. Specialization, customization, more services and a more high tech offering are often the solutions. Some high tech firms, especially those in machine building, semiconductor, analytical equipment, medical systems, aerospace and defence are turning to metal 3D printing to outcompete. In what areas could these firms use metal 3D printing?

Low volume jigs, fixtures and tooling

Some companies find themselves in a commoditized field with low prices eroding margins. Often these firms will venture into high mix and low volume industries as a result. Subsequently, processes and procedures become more difficult. More products mean more tooling, jigs, fixtures, turnaround and complexity. Such a shift into a different business will mean that the firm will have to be more nimble. Metal 3D printing provides you with the low volume tools and tooling you need to respond to customer demands.

Customized equipment

High tech equipment can be customized through metal 3D printing to fulfil specific customer’s needs.
The MetalFAB1 can print consistently and with high quality complex optimized metal shapes.

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